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 French review of DYU

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Facade Of Reality

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PostSubject: French review of DYU   Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:28 am

The economic crisis hit the whole world, everyone tightens the buttocks and hopes that growth will quickly return. In these difficult times the Netherlands benefits from an unexpected boom in its exports. In addition to tulips and Gouda, Netherlands our friends flooded the market with singer symphonic groups. There are countless projects: WITHIN TEMPTATION, STREAM OF PASSION, AFTER FOREVER, DELAIN ... Musicians EPICA is one of the main belligerents in the war polders.

Their first album, "The Phantom Agony" was released in June 2003. The group continues its momentum and provides a second album "Consign to Oblivion" the following year in Transmission Records. They look intensely and with increasing success leading to the signing of a contract with Nuclear Blast for publication in 2007 of "The Divine Conspiracy", the third offering of the Batavian.

September 2009: New album "Design Your Universe" and a new line-up. Last December, Ad Sluijter, guitarist of the group, has announced his departure on his MySpace page. A month later, Isaac Delahaye is officially announced as the new guitarist for the group.

First plays first and finding it hard Bastonne. The Netherlands have decided to go free. After the regulatory symphonic intro, the album begins with "Resign to Surrender" falls well within. Those who thought the group would lessen the game will be wasting their time. The rhythm is heavy, the guitars are sharp and especially Mark Jansen (hence the aggressive vocals) is carving the lion's share regarding interventions voice. Simone Simons is not complete and remains admirably interventions "evil" of the ex-AFTER FOREVER.

However, EPICA is primarily a symphonic band, all the silver is out, sumptuous orchestral arrangements, bombastic choruses to desire ( "Martyr of the Free Word"). This has been a nightmare to organize and balance. The production, mixing and mastering is again the master's work in this area, Sascha Paeth at Gate Studio in Wolfsburg. I must stress the impressive work of composition achieved. The melodies are often unstoppable, Jansen has really excelled. The title "Kingdom of Heaven", for example, is a wonderfully beautiful. Almost 14 minutes of intense emotions: moods varied musicians let loose. A nice slap! The group does not innovate but particularly we offer what we expect of him.

You will understand, I was seduced by the "Design Your Universe". EPICA The Netherlands show a prodigious mastery. This album is crammed to the muzzle of a racy music, not inadvertent filling, the cream of the cream. It seemed that the band was treading water in recent years. All these doubts are now scanned. WITHIN TEMPTATION is accused, he has an interest in not resting on its laurels ...

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PostSubject: Re: French review of DYU   Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:14 am

That was a short but nice review Smile Kingdom Of Heaven sounds really beautiful,surely must be one of my new faves Smile

~We're not alone,we are all one~

Kudos for the set,Mary <3
23.07.2010-Thank you Epica for the best evening in my whole life I love you
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French review of DYU
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