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 DYU Review - Aux Portes Du Metal #2

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PostSubject: DYU Review - Aux Portes Du Metal #2   Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:54 pm

And now back with Epica Design Your Universe, the successor to The Divine Conspiracy, which was for some a very good album, and for others, an album below expectations. I am part of the second category, it is therefore with some trepidation that I listened to this album!

From the first notes of the intro, simply sublime with the orchestra and chorus, I realized that Epic did not pretend and we would deliver an album more powerful, more work and more successful than the previous ! And this certainty is growing progressively as the listening: the guitars and drums are powerful, sometimes flirting with the kind of choice of new drummer and new guitarist, death. As for solos, they are blameless (Martyr Of The Free World) and for those who are not fans of death and who does not know the work of Isaac, rest assured, it is good to very good! As for orchestrations, they are even stronger, more grandiose. The group has a real special place in the orchestra, his presence simply magnifies this album! The strength of this album, at the component level, that is: having found the perfect mix between metal and orchestration!

And indeed, undeniable, yet the group play at the level of inspiration: the longest song on the album, Kingdom of Heaven (which continues A New Age Dawns with Resign Your Universe and Design Your Universe) found inspiration Oriental, some Tibetan chanting, bells, they even witnessed a frightening dialogue between death and a man. They may feel that it share in all directions at times, but in fact we feel that this effect is working, and just a harbinger of the outcome of the piece, a crazy transition, then the sweetness before falling in a striking passage! A real gem!

And vocally, as if to say this is that Simone is doing respectably, to better control his voice better! She module with greater ease, she can both sing with power (Unleashed, the first single from the album more accessible than the other pieces in passing) but she uses her lyrical singing and her gentle voice that gives chills: on Tides of Time the great Dutch still in the simplicity with subtlety and emotion in singing! A ballad that surpasses those composed by the group so far! As for Mark, it sticks to itself, now, but not too much and I would say even less than The Divine Conspiracy! It will also highlight its progress.

Notable difference: the choruses! They have grown in importance, being truly part of the group! They are fleshed out, sometimes there is a predominantly male choir, sometimes more feminine. They provide either a touch darker, more "air" to pieces, and when doubling the voice of Simone, we enjoy!

The particularity of this album is to surpass what has been done previously by the group to go even further (this also in the side moralistic words) to be more work, more complete with pieces strong as those already cited Kingdom of Heaven, Tides of Time but also Our Destiny or Design Your Universe who gives a dignified end to the album! Do not waver on the day of the release of this album, run to your record store!

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PostSubject: Re: DYU Review - Aux Portes Du Metal #2   Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:27 pm

It seems like DYU will be pretty choir orientated,like CTO was,but way,way,way better!!!

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Kudos for the set,Mary <3
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PostSubject: Re: DYU Review - Aux Portes Du Metal #2   Wed Sep 23, 2009 5:06 am

^ And that's a good thing I guess. Smile
I really like this review!


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PostSubject: Re: DYU Review - Aux Portes Du Metal #2   

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DYU Review - Aux Portes Du Metal #2
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