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 Epica live at Nosturi, Finland 24,9 review by me

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Facade Of Reality
Facade Of Reality

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PostSubject: Epica live at Nosturi, Finland 24,9 review by me   Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:13 pm

I'm sorry it took me so long to write this review but here it comes!

Okay so you can just wonder how excited i was for this gig, i had waited three years and practically begged them to come over and now that it happened Shocked Unfortunately the day of the gig was also an school day so it meant some extra pain. Well atleast i wasnt alone with the freaking out because three friends of mine from my class were coming aswell, Johanna, Tinja and Sofia who won two tickets to the gig! The day was horrible but the minute we got out the excitement started to rise. One short bustrip later we were at the big bus center of Tampere waiting for my mom to come over (suprisingly during the past months she has turned into HUGE Epica fan so she was coming aswell).

The bustrip to Helsinki took 3 hours so it was bit boring (except the driver entertaining us with his announcements made in absolutely horrible English)

Then we arrived to the fab bus center/mall thingy Kamppi in middle of Helsinki. Nobody trusted on my great tracking skills so we got an map and headed to our hotel. There were just hour and half to the gig so after changing some clothes we headed straight to Nosturi which was already pretty full. We met Aino the Countess from Femme Metal Forum + her mom and sister, really nice people and it was great seeing Aino after a while.

Finally it was time for ReVamp and OMG Floor is so freaking amazing live!!! The songs were also way better live than on CD. Fast Forward was one of the highlights for me even as i really didnt like it on CD!! I was on the second row and Floor looked twice directly into my eyes and smiled on the second time, i dont think i've been that close to fainting. The show was great and Floor so so pretty and amazing.

Kells unfortunately sucked. Their sound was cool but the songs mainly reaaally similar and rather pointless. La Sphère and Avant Que Tu really rocked but the rest was utterly boring. Also i was annoyed cuz most of the time Virginie yelled insted of singed. I guess the fact Epica was going to be next didnt make them any better haha.

The wait between Kells and Epica was rather sick and i thought i was going to feint soon. Epica was sounchecking and i saw WILLEM on stage and i went totally nuts. Magical moment and i saw Arien's hair behind the drums and the air was totally getting lesser and lesser.

Samadhi came and my moods were changing like really fast, i was practically crying and smiling at the same time, bit scary haha. Coen and Arien came on stage and i screamed like never before. Then Yves, MARK and Isaac. Resing To Surrender kicked off and i cant say i've ever been as happy. It's suprisingly heavy live!! And then Simone. I managed to scream so high that even the girl next to me looked like what the hell is wrong with you lol. Unleashed was also another highlight oh it's so pretty live. The moment Mark announced the next song is their longest me and my friends screamed so much KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!!! It was the absolute highlight for me, even as it went so fast. And Arien's grunts sound so cool live <3 The show went so fast and i really miss the feeling. I got the setlist even tho it wasnt easy haha. Three girls were fighting for it and i was already giving up cuz it was pretty much ripped but it got stuck really badly on my hair extensions so the girls had to let go and we laughed our asses off Laughing
Getting to downstairs where the merch etc were wasnt easy cuz walking with my big boots was hard after all the jumping, my girls practically carried me down there lol.

I met Floor at the ReVamp merchstand it was so great. Damn she is TALL (i'm just 169cm so damn haha) but sooo nice. I could chat with her for a moment and got her autograph never gonna forget it <3
THEN my friend came screaming that Mark was down there too. affraid We were leaving leaving so i could just say a few words and get his autograph but hell, i met him. I met my god. Unbelievable.
This was the greatest day of my life and i thank everybody who shared it with me <3

I might be adding pics later! Very Happy
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Blank Infinity
Blank Infinity

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PostSubject: Re: Epica live at Nosturi, Finland 24,9 review by me   Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:48 pm

Can't wait for the pics!
and you met Mark too!! He looks better than in the pics,doesn't he? Very Happy what did you said to him? And so happy that you enjoyed the concert so much Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Epica live at Nosturi, Finland 24,9 review by me   Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:56 am

^ He DOES look better, Fran!!! In Love

I loved the review Eetu. Know how it feels, so I'm happy for you that you enjoyed the show so much, and that you met Mark too. Smile


Set by Cris
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30.09.2010 - Thank you Epica for giving me the best time of my life!
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PostSubject: Re: Epica live at Nosturi, Finland 24,9 review by me   Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:21 am

Great review,Eetu it seems it was a great show! Smile Epic way to get a setlist,haha Smile

~We're not alone,we are all one~

Kudos for the set,Mary <3
23.07.2010-Thank you Epica for the best evening in my whole life I love you
I love you Isaac! I love you
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PostSubject: Re: Epica live at Nosturi, Finland 24,9 review by me   

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Epica live at Nosturi, Finland 24,9 review by me
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